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Aug 24, 2000




The Search for Genius in Music
Honors College 50: 525: 121 Section 07 

Dr. Julianne Baird
Professor of Music

Department of Fine Arts
Rutgers University - Camden

Course Materials

Materials for this class will consist of three items:

Kamien, Roger
MUSIC: An Appreciation
7th ed., New York: McGraw-Hill, 2000.
Kamien, Roger. Set of 
eight compact disks to accompany
MUSIC: An Appreciation. 
New York, NY: Mc Graw Hill, 2000.
Eysenck, Hans
The natural history of creativity
Cambridge University Press. 1995

Attendance is mandatory. More than three missed classes will result in lowering of your grade by one level. Because of our extracurricular activities, I will refund the extra time to you by cancelling class on the following days: October 4, and December 6, 11, and 13th

Mandatory Deposit
A mandatory deposit of $20 of which $10 is refundable if both tickected events are attended must be paid to Dolores Pfeuffer Scherer /Honors College Office (X6670) Room 296 on the 2nd floor of the Robeson Library by September 11th.

Components of Grading: Required Attendance at class (no more than 3 absenses) 
Required Attendance at Phila Orch Oct 17,/ and October 22--The Opera Co of Phila (Rigoletto) and at one of the other extra-curricular events listed on your syllabus--marked by the symbol @@@. Attendance at the September 13 and November 15th events are mandatory. 

All events require a one page "Concert report" or "Event report" due the following class period. Grades will be determined in the following manner: Student Class presentation 35%--Final Written 25% and Listening 20%: Concert Reports and attendance 20% 

Student Class Presentations
The Student Class presentations will be chosen from a list of topics prepared by Dr. Baird and posted on her website. The in-class projects should last 45 minutes for each student and are scheduled toward the end of the semester. They comprise 35% of the grade Each student will meet with Dr. Baird for 1/2 hour one month before their class presentation with a proposed outline and bibliography in hand to discuss the shape of the project. 

Final Exam
The final exam will consist of an essay take-home exam, with questions culled from the student presentations. A Student taking this class does not have to be able to read music. The class will consist of three types of activities. 1. Lecture/discussion from Professor Baird. 2. Field trips to nearby institutions for concerts and lectures 3. In-class projects presented by the Students. 


September 6
Discussion of the Syllabus and course requirements. Assignment of mini- topics for presentation (September 11) by the students for September 

Each student should be prepared to talk for 5-7 minutes on your assigned topic(s). Make a synopsis of Eysenck's findings and if possible cite a genius from your education which fits the patterns, giving reasons why. 

  • Popular concepts of Genius ----Eysenck p. 11-12 
  • The Growth of a concept p. 12-13 Periodic variations p. 157-169
  • Genius and Heredity p. 13-17 Socio-economic status p. 126-127
  • Genius and Madness p. 17-19 Gender 127-130
  • Genius as Eminence or Fame p. 19-23 The age factor 138-144
  • The empirical quest. P. 23-26 and Season of Birth p. 144-146
  • Agreement on who is a genius p. 26-31. Genius and Fraud p. 154-157
  • Genius and the Problem of continuity p. 31-36 Lifespan 
  • Creativity as trait and as achievement p. 36-38 Motivation and unconquerable will 146-154
  • The causes of creative achievement p. 38-39
  • Other features of genius 39-40 Gender 127-130
  • Genius or Zeitgeist 41-43 Periodic variations p. 157-169
  • Conclusions 43-46 --Baird

September 11
Presentation and discussion of above topics by honors students 

September 13
Trip to the American Philosophical Society in Philadelphia. Our lecturer will be Roy Goodman. Before going please visit:

Meet in our classroom by 1:00 Attendance is required. We will be back by 2:40. Carpooling will be arranged. One page written by the honors student reporting on the trip is due next class.

September 18
Monday Dr. Luis Garcia: Explanation and Administering of the Myers-Briggs (Personality) Types Indicator by Dr. Luis Garcia. This questionnaire (allegedly based on Jungian typological thinking, giving scores on extraversion-introversion, the intuitive vs sensing dimension, thinking vs feeling dimension and the judging --perceiving.

Continuation of topic discussion.  Possible Introduction to the Baroque era Kamien p. 135-174

September 20
Wednesday Baird Lecture Baroque/ Bach Kamien Read pp. 174-184

@@@Extra Event September 24th Sunday at 7 p.m. St Luke's Episcopal Church 9th and Spruce/ Mozart Society of Philadelphia, Dr Jerome, conducting. (one hour length) Mozart Concerto Rondo and Mozart Horn Concerto #2 Haydn Symphonies 1 and 64. Short Concert Report due. Students should take the high speed line or drive.

September 25
Monday Continuation of Bach : Read Kamien 184-210. Concert Report Due

September 27
Wednesday: Baird Lecture: Handel 

October 2
Monday: Baird Lecture: Handel

October 4
Wednesday: Class cancelled 

@@@October 8
Sunday 2.p.m. West Chester University (Free concert) Dr. Baird gives a program entitled "An Afternoon with Jane Austen. --Recital and Readings. This performances can serve as a make-up for other missed activity. Ask Dr. Baird for details. Concert Report Due Students should drive.

October 9
Monday Kamien pp. 214-277

October 11
Wednesday: Dr. Jerome Lecture: "Mozart's Genius" Read Kamien p. 232-233 and listen to CD III Cut 37

October 16
Monday. Giuseppantonio Iacovino Lecture on Rigoletto

October 17
Tuesday Evening REQUIRED Field trip to the Philadelphia Orchestra 
7.p.m. Lecture/Concert on Mozart's Creative process in the serenade Eine Kleine Nachtmusik. The concert costs $15.00. A bus will leave and return to campus. Concert Report required

October 18
Concert Report Due: Verdi and the Creative Process Read Kamien 401-409

Sunday October 22
REQUIRED Field Trip "Rigoletto" Opera company of Philadelphia. Take the high speed line or drive.

October 23
Monday, Mozart

October 25
Wednesday: Mozart 

October 30
Monday Beethoven 235-237 278-296

November 1
Wednesday Required Reading: Solomon, Maynard: The Creative Periods of Beethoven.p. 116-125 and Beethoven's Creative Process: A Two Part Invention p. 126-138. Posted on my Website.

November 6
Monday TWO Student Presentations

November 8
Wednesday TWO Student Presentations

November 13
Monday TWO Student Presentations

November 15
Wednesday, REQUIRED ATTENDANCE 12-1:00 and 1:20-2:40 Baird Recital: (Madrigal Festival 2000. Attendance required at Walter Gordon Theater for Madrigal Festival. Between 12:00 and 1:00 and again between 1:20 and 2:40. Concert reports required.

November 20
TWO Student Presentations


November 27
TWO Student Presentations

November 29
TWO Student Presentations-- Make-up presentations/ Listening exam: Required are the pieces on the Kamien C.D s by Bach, Handel, Mozart and Beethoven.

@@@December 2,3,4
Dr. Baird's appearance with the Philadelphia Orchestra in Handel's Messiah. (One of these performances can serve as a make-up for other missed activity. Ask Dr. Baird for details. Concert report due. 

Classical music Websites of interest/ Bach/Mozart/Beethoven (neat site from Australia) (Library of Congress) (lots of links to early music sites)

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