Professional Work - Part 2
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CURRICULUM VITAE - Part II: Professional Work

Distinguished Professor of Music (Professor II, Rutgers University, Camden Campus)



Musical Treasures of the 17th century  Lyrichord UPC 744457200223


New York Philharmonic Orchestra: Steve Reich’s Tehillim, World  Premiere Recording,  Julianne Baird, soprano soloist, Zubin Mehta, conductor

Dance on a Moonbeam: Meryl Streep, Julianne Baird, Benjamim Luxon, Dawn Upshaw, Frederica von Stade, London Symphony Telarc CD-80554

Passionate Pavanes and Galliards: Lyrichord  LEM8046

Glorious Handel: Soprano Arias  Newport Classic NPD 85646

Shakespeare’s Music Dorian DOR-90017

Elizabeth’s Music (Queen Elizabeth I) 1533-1603)  Dorian DOR 90015

Angels of Antiquity: Music from the Middle Ages to the Age of Enlightenment.   Dorian: DOR 09990

The Art of the American Singer   (Sampler)  Baird Newport Classic

Lullabies: A Songbook Companion: The Metropolitan Museum ESS.AY CD 1054

The English Lute Song Dorian: DOR 90109

Bach Arias with Flute     Baird/Newbold/Mattax       Newport  Classic 85530

A Baroque Christmas      Baird/Ama Deus Vox 7548

Bartok and Kodály    Crofut Consort:Albany RecordsTroy046

The Italian Lute Song    Baird:McFarlane  Dorian: DOR 90236

Awake Sweet Love: Music of John Dowland DeCormier singers   Arabesque Z-6622
Greensleeves: A Collection of English Lute Songs  Dorian DOR 90126

"Jane's Hand": The Jane Austen Songbooks Vox Records 7537

Handel: Greatest Arias: Vox Classic:  Vox 7527

Handel Favorites Newport Classic 85568

Songs of Love and War Dorian: DOR 90104

Handel: Where'er you walk: Favourite English Arias:Newport NPD 85610

Musica Dolce: Music of Cavalli and Monteverdi Dorian DOR 90123

Mozart Lieder Dorian DOR 90123

Fanny Mendelssohn Lieder Newport Classic: NPD85652

English Mad Songs and Ayres (Purcell) Dorian: DOR 90105

Stephen Foster Songs  Albany Records: Troy 119

Folk Lullabies and Dances Albany Records TROY048

Schubert: Winterreise (original 1827 version) Newport  Classic 85614

Schubert: Night Songs Vox Classic 7542

Teasin': Turn of the Century Parlour Songs and Rags Helicon: HE1001

Soprano Arias with Trumpet and Organ  Albany Records: TROY 555

Celtic Caravans: The Road to Romanticism: MS 1105

Oh! The Sweet Delights of Love: Music of Henry Purcell   Plectra Records

Handel: Duets and Trios:  Plectra Records  (forthcoming date 2007)

Flaming Rose: Handel’s Nine German Arias Chandos (release date 2007)

In Dulci Jubilo: Baroque Music for Christmas CRC 2831

Benjamin Franklin’s Musical World Spiritoso Classics BOOOEZ802C

Music in the Life of Benjamin Franklin  CMIH-106

Bach: Cantata BWV 51 Jauchzet Gott:  Bach Ensemble: Rifkin
L'Oiseaux-Lyre 417 616-2

Bach: Cantatas BWV 202 and 209 Bach Ensemble: Rifkin
L'Oiseauu-Lyre 421 728-2

Bach: Solo Cantatas: Cantata BWV 51   Jauchzet Gott
American Bach Soloists  Koch, 3-7138-2H1

Bach Cantata  140, 51 and 79 Bach Ensemble, Rifkin
L'Oiseaux Lyre 443-188

Clérambault Dramatic Cantatas Meridian CDE 84182

Handel in Italy: Newport Classics NCD60043

Handel: The Italian Years Dorian DOR90147

G.F. Handel: Italian Solo Cantatas: CDE 84189

Hasse: Cantatas, Ballads and Sonatas CRD  3488

Baroque Music of Love and War: Four Cantatas for Soprano MHS 4757A

French Cantatas of the 18th century Koch LC 6644

A  Baroque Christmas Music Masters: 01512-67119-2

Telemann Harmonischer Gottes-Dienst Meridian Records CDE84159
(Re-release 2003)


Imeneo (premiere recording): Vox cum Laude: 2-MCD10063
Siroe  (premiere recording)   Newport: NCD60125-1/2/3
Muzio (premiere recording)   Newport NPD 85540
Ezio   (premiere recording) Vox Records 2-7503
Sosarme (premiere recording) NPD 85575
Berenice (premiere recording-title role) NPD Newport 85615
Faramondo (premiere recording) Vox 3-753
Deidamia Troy 460


Il Parnaso Confuso  Troy 655

La Corona  Troy 791-92


Bach: BWV 12, 18, 61 Koch 3-7332-2Hi

Bach Cantatas BWV 4,  131, 182 Koch Intl 3-7235-241

Bach Cantatas  BWV 8,  BWV 78, and BWV  99  Bach Ensemble/ L'Oiseau-Lyre 421 728-2

Bach: Trauerode and  BWV 156 and 8: Koch Intl 3-7163-2H1

Bach: B-minor Mass: Vox Classics  Vox2  7524

Bach: B-minor Mass Bach Ensemble/Rifkin/ Nonesuch Records 9 79036-2

Bach: B-minor Mass    American Bach Soloists: Koch International   7194

Bach:   Magnificat  Bach Ensemble/Rifkin Pro Arte CDD 185

Bach: Magnificat Ama Deus Ensemble/ Vox Records 7531

Bach: St. John Passion  Newport Classics NC 60015-1/2

Bach: St John Passion: Smithsonian Chamber Players ND 0381

Handel: Acis and Galatea: Newport Classics NCD60045-1/2

Handel: Acis and Galatea Vox2-7519

Handel:  Joshua (Premiere recording) Newport Classics NPD85515-1/2

Handel: Alexander Balus  (Premiere recording) Newport Classic NPD 85625

Handel: Messiah Onda Records: PAP9612JS

Handel:  Messiah  (1749  Covent Garden Performance) Radu:Ama Deus  Vox2-7502

Purcell: Excerpts from The Fairy Queen  Music Masters MM60188X

Purcell: Come ye Sons of Art/ Music Masters MM 20005

Purcell The Fairy Queen/ Music Masters MM 20003

A. Scarlatti: Ishmael  (Premiere Recording) Newport Classics/ 85558

Vivaldi/Handel: Dixit Dominus: Music Masters 01612-67084-2

Handel in Rome “GLORIA” Lyrichord  LEMS8055

Scarlatti:  La Giuditta Albany Records TROY 904/905

CD's: OPERA RECORDINGS (other composers)
Monteverdi: Orfeo  Gardiner, English Bar. Soloists/DGG Archiv, 419-250-1/2/4

Foss, Lukas: The Jumping Frog: (Premiere Recording) Newport  NPD 85609

Purcell: Dido and Aeneas    Hogwood/Decca 436-992

DeFalla: Psyche/  Eduardo Mata  Dorian Records DOR 90214

Pergolesi: La Serva Padrona: Omega OCD 1016

Telemann: Pimpinone (Premiere recording) Newport Classic NCD 60117

Caldara: The Card Game  Troy 705

Purcell: Dido and Aeneas  Troy  --- (release Sept 2007)

Spanish  Music in the Age of Exploration:Waverly Cons. CBS 7464-37208-1

The Christmas Story: Waverly Consort CBS Masterworks: 7464-37751-1

Renaissance Favorites. Waverly Consort: CBS Masterworks: 7464-37845-1

A Renaissance Noel   Polygram     Vox, the Renaissance    Consort/Radu

Chorale Settings by Michael Praetorius  NY Cornet and  Sacbut Ensemble Newport Classics NC60021

Passionate Pavanes and Galliards:  Lyrichord  LEM8046




1/16/07 Athens Ohio  Ohio University:    An Evening with Jane Austen

2/3-4 Los Angeles, CA Getty Museum  Aulos Ens.  Myth and Transformation

2/4 Huntington Library: “The Jane Austen Songbook” Con Gioa Ens

2/5 Claremont, CA Claremont College “The Jane Austen Songbook”

2/10 Doylestown, Mercer Portrait Gallery  Philomel  “Songs of Love” for Valentine’s

2/11 Philadelphia: Physick House Philomel  “Songs of Love” for Valentine’s

2/13-16 Philadelphia PA Kimmel Center Perelman Hall Purcell: Dido and Aeneas

2/25 Louisville, KY Bach Society: Mozart Great C minor Mass: Bach Mass in F

3/8  Pensacola, Fla Pensacola Jr. College “Music in the Life of Benjamin Franklin

3/19 Portland Oregon  Aulos Ensemble “An Evening with J.S. Bach

4/14 Stony Brook, NY Recital of Monteverdi to celebrate Orfeo at 400 yrs.

4/28-29 Princeton, NJ Miller Chapel Princeton Seminar: Dryden Ensemble

5/14 New York, NY Benefit Concert for Music Before 1800 to celebrate Wendy Powers

6/2  Georgetown, TX  Schubertiad to celebrate 200 anniversary of Schubert’s birth

6/3 South Western University: Schubert Festival: Schubert Masses in G and A flat

9/6 Easton, PA Lafayette College “Music from Lafayette’s World” Ensemble

11/28 Philadelphia PA:  Penn Humanities Forum Baird Recital “History of Ornamentation”


10/13 Kenyon College, Ohio Philomel

3/7 Wisconsin Lutheran College, Ensemble Philomel


1/15 Philadelphia, PA St. Peter's Church  "Benjamin Franklin: International Man of Harmony" – Amherst Baroque Soloists

1/22/06 New York Hilton: Showcase for Concert Presenters of American Universities and Colleges

2/17 Wilmington, DE Christ Church Christiana Hundred  Handel: The Choice of Hercules Brandywine Baroque

2/18 Lewes, DE St. Peter's Church  Handel: The Choice of Hercules Brandywine Baroque

2/19 New York City: Holy Trinity 82nd 3:00 Handel: The Choice of Hercules
Brandywine Baroque

3/6-12 Haverford College Roberts Hall Recording of Handel Deutsche Arien, "FLAMING ROSE" Tempesta di Mare

3/17 Swarthmore, PA Trinity Episcopal Church "FLAMING ROSE": Handel's Deutsche Arien with Tempesta di Mare

3/18 Philadelphia, PA Old St. Joseph's Church "FLAMING ROSE": Handel's Deutsche Arien with Tempesta di Mare

3/19 Princeton, NJ - Theological Seminary Miller Chapel: "FLAMING ROSE": Handel's Deutsche Arien with Tempesta di Mare

3/29 Athens, OH Ohio University - Recital Hall  "FLAMING ROSE": Handel's Deutsche Arien with Tempesta di Mare

4/4 New York City: St. Thomas Boys Choir St. John Passion

4/11 Marietta, Ohio Marietta College  Benjamin Franklin's Musical World
with Karen FLint, harpsichord

4/27 New York City: Trinity Church  Benjamin Franklin's Musical World with

5/5 Chestnut Hill, PA - The Church of St. Martin in the Fields - 8000 St.
Martin's Lane, 8 pm  Benjamin Franklin's France with Philomel

5/6 Doylestown, PA St. Paul's Episcopal Church-Oakland Ave at Pine St, 8pm
 Benjamin Franklin's France with Philomel

5/7 Philadelphia, PA - Christ Church, Old City, 2nd and Market Sts, 7pm
Benjamin Franklin's France with Philomel

6/1-6/4 Georgetown Texas: International Haydn Festival:

6/3/2:00 The English Canzonetta of F.J. Haydn"  Public Lecture

6/3/ 8 p.m. Scena di Berenice Austin Texas Symphony Orchestra

6/4: 3 p.m. Haydn" Creation Georgetown Performing Arts center Performances of
Creation/ Scena di BereniceLieder for Georgetown Haydn Festival

7/13 New London CT. Amherst Baroque Soloists: Pan & Sirinx

8/8  Central Park Naumberg Foundation: Boccherini Dido and Aeneas

9/13 New York, NY Carnegie: Weill Hall Scarlatti La Giuditta

9/29 Jackson MISS, Music in the Life of Benjamin Franklin

10/2 Atlanta GA  Emory University: Music in the Life of Benjamin Franklin

10/8 Louisville, KY Bach Society: Handel Laudate Pueri, Bach 82a

10/13 Wilmington DE The Musical World of Benjamin Franklin

10/14 Lewes, DE The Musical World of Benjamin Franklin

12/2 Provo, Utah Brigham Young; Aulos  Baroque Christmas

12/3 Tuscon Early Music Soc. Aulos  Baroque Christmas

12/10  Kimmel Center: VERIZON Hall  Messiah (Debut)

12/15 Princeton University  Richardson: Messiah

12/16  Princeton University  Richardson: Messiah

12/18 New York, NY Carnegie Hall: Messiah NY Oratorio Soc

12/19 New York, NY Metropolitan Museum of Art; Medieval Sculpture/Parthenia


1/8  Princeton: P’ton Theological/Miller Chapel: Dryden Ensemble: Handel/Bach

1/9 Doylestown, PA  Handel:Giulio Cesare and Bach 52 Dryden Ensemble

1/16  Phila, PA St Peter’s Episcopal: Amherst Fac. Concert

1/25  New York, Merkin Hall NYC Premiere of Gluck opera La Corona

3/1 New York City, Carnegie Weill HallArias of Handel Queens Chamber Band

3/15 Rochester, N.Y. Eastman School of Music Kilbourn “Evening in Home of J.S. Bach

3/18  New York, NY  Blessed Sacrament Church: Handel Solomon  Amor Artis

4/1    Wilmington DE  Christ Church Christiana 100 Le Pont Neuf-Couperin, Monteclair

4/2    Lewes, DE St. Peter’s Church Le Pont Neuf-Music of Couperin, Monteclair, Charpentier

4/9   Philadelphia PA: Bach Society: St. Paul’s Episcopal: Bach B minor mass

4/10  West Chester PA Swope Hall:  Poulenc Gloria

4/16 Philadelphia PA Kimmel: Perelman Hall: Poulenc Gloria

4/24 Louisville, KY Bach Soc: Bach Cantata 199 and Handel Gloria

6/3   San Antonio, TX  Klett Ctr for Performing Arts Handel: Giulio Cesare

6/5 Georgetown TX SE Univ Chapel:  Handel Cantatas

6/19 Philadelphia PA St. Stephens Church: Handel Arias

6/26 St. Petersburg, Russia Sheremetev Palace: Handel Arias with Orchestra

6/28 Novgorad, Russia Kremlin Concert Hall

6/30 Lahti, Finland, Ristinkkirko (Handel Arias)

7/11 Bennington VT Bennington College Virtuosic Music of Purcell and Handel

7/22 Crested Butte, CO Cultural Center  Musica Dolce: Music from 17th c England and Italy

 9/26 Philadelphia PA Penn Humanities Series: Celebrating the poetry of Brockes
 University of Pennsylvania Hall of Flags, Houston Hall
Handel Deutsche Arien

10/2 New York City, NY Weill Hall at Carnegie Hall  Benjamin Franklin's Musical World

10/14-16 Wilmington, DE:Christ Church Christiana Hundred   Brandywine Baroque

10/21 Philadelphia, PA  Holy Trinity Church, Rittenhouse Sq.
Classical Orchestra, Karl Middleman  Vivaldi: Nulla Pax in Mundo
Bach: Ich Habe Genug

10/23 Princeton University, Richardson Auditorium: Proinceton Pro Musica
Mozart: Vesperae Solemnes de Confessore
Bach: Magnificat in D

11/4 New York City St. Bartholomew's Church Haydn: Creation

11/6 Rutgers University - New Brunswick: Mason Gross School of the Arts
Nicholas Music Center  Haydn: Creation

11/20 Glenside, PA: Arcadia College  The Jane Austen Songbook

12/3 Los Angeles, CA: Chamber Music in Historical Sites  Aulos Ensemble:
A Baroque Christmas

12/4 Santa Barbara, CA University of California  Aulos Ensemble:A Baroque Christmas

12/11 New Brunswick, NJ State Theater Matinee Masterwork Chorus/Andrew Megill   Handel: Messiah

12/18  Morristown, NJ Community Theater
Masterwork Chorus/ Andrew Megill  Handel: Messiah

12/22 New York City Carnegie Hall: Masterwork Chorus/Andrew Megill  Handel: Messiah

12/23 New York City Carnegie Hall: Masterwork Chorus/Andrew Megill  Handel


1/18/04 Philadelphia, Pa.  Winterworkshop Faculty Concert: Old St Joseph’s

2/2/04  Northwestern Univ. Pick Staiger Hall  Premier of Handel's Gloria
with conductor Stephen Alltop

2/11/04    NY City: Merkin Hall A. Goodman House Buxtehude: Cantatas
The Queens Chamber Band

2/27/04     Wilmington, De. Christ Church  Christiana Hundred
 Brandywine Baroque “Sheridan’s The Rivals”

2/28/04     Old St. Joseph’s Church 4th and Willings Alley 3 p.m Christiana Hundred
Brandywine Baroque “Sheridan’s The Rivals”

3/5/04     Washington D.C. Folger Shakespeare Library - 8pm “This thing they call a Kiss”   Folger Consort

3/6/04     Washington D.C. Folger Shakespeare Library - 8pm “This thing they call a Kiss”   Folger Consort

3/7/04     Washington D.C. Folger Shakespeare Library - 8pm “This thing they call a Kiss”   Folger Consort

3/30/04  New York City St Thomas Church 5th Ave  Handel  “Israel and Egypt“.  Final Performance of Dr. Gerry Hancock, Boy’s Choir Director for 30 years

4/06/04 Honolulu, Doris Duke Theatre:Honolulu Academy of Arts
 Recital “Music of George Frideric Handel 7 p.m. sponsored by Hawaii Opera Theatre

5/15/04  New York City with Parthenia Consort of Viols: L’Amour en Mai
St. Jean Baptiste, 76th  and Lexington

7/12/04 Bennington, Vt. Bennington College “Davidsharfe” with Andrew Lawrence King

7/15 Denton, TX UNT Baroque Orchestra featuring Baird in”Glorious Ha ndel”

10/23 Princeton, NJ Richardson: Mozart Great Mass in C min

10/24 Westport CT Christ Church “Mr Handel Takes London”

11/12 Wilmington DE Dido and Aeneas and Venus and Adonis

11/13 Lewes, DE Dido and Aeneas and Venus and Adonis (title roles)

11/17 Camden, NJ Gluck La Corona: Baird and professional students

11/28 Eugene OR  Southern Oregon Chamber Music Series

12/04 Houston, TX A Colonial Christmas (Musica Pacifica)

12/05 Corning, NY Painted Post Music Ass.  Christmas with Philomel

12/16 Joplin MISS: Symphony Hall Aulos Baroque Ensemble

12/17 Kansas City Aulos : Baroque Christmas


1/27/03 Norfolk, Va. Old Dominion University/ “Musica Dolce”

2/12/03 New York City: Queen’s Chamber Band NYC Premiere of Handel “Gloria”

2/28/03 Wilmington. Chiaroscuro Brandywine Baroque Christ Church Wilmington

3/1/03 Philadelphia: Chiaroscuro Old St. Joseph’s Brandywine Baroque

3/3/03 Rutgers Mallery Music Room Fine Arts Building "Musica Dolce." Karen Flint. 

4/ 5/03 Britten Les Illuminations Orchestra 2001 8 PM, Perelman
Julianne Baird’s Premiere in Kimmel

4/06/03 Swarthmore College Les Illuminations  Orchestra 2001 8 PM, Lang Hall

4/20/03 Evangelische Luth. Erloskirche, Grainau, Bavaria (Mozart Vespers)

4/22/03 Vigaun  Kurzentrum (Salzburg Province) (Mozart Vespers)

4/24/ 03 St. Polten, Austria   7:30 p.m. (Mozart Vespers)

5/3/03 Rutgers Camden—Recital of Baird and Friends (students)

9/18-19 Denver Colorado, Recital St. John’s Episcopal Series

10/2-5  Pittsburgh, Pitt/ Renaissance and Baroque Title Role  in Dido

11/6-8 Anderson S.C. Erskine College “Music from Shakespeare’s Plays”

11/18  San Diego CA Point Loma Nazarene College “Jane Austen Songbook”

12/6    Chicago IL, Fermilab “A Baroque Christmas” Aulos Ensemble

12/7    Atlanta GA Symphony Hall of Woodruff Arts Ctr.  Messiah

12/11  Stowe VT/  Baroque Christmas

12/12  Burlington, VT Baroque Christmas, Aulos Ensemble

12/14 New York NY Lincoln Ctr: Avery Fisher Handel Messiah

12/20  Princeton U.  Princeton Pro Musica Messiah

12/21  Princeton U Princeton Pro Musica Messiah



1/8/2002  Kennett Square, PA:  The Crosslands, 7:30pm  Crazy for Love: Songs by Purcell

1/13/02 New York City: Hilton Hotel Showcase of "The Great SopranoTrumpet Duel"

2/4-10/02 Santa Cruz, CA University of California Regents' Fellowship

2/8/02 USCS, 8 pm Music Recital Hall Celtic Caravans  (F.J. Haydn) British Isles Folksongs

2/12-13/02 Bermuda  Bach Cantatas  202 & 209

2/14/02 Univ. of Mississippi: Fulton Chapel: Aulos Ensemble/ "If Music be the Food of Love"

2/18/02 Converse College, SC Aulos Ensemble "If Music be the Food of Love"

2/19/02 Erskine College, SC Aulos Ensemble "If Music be the Food of Love"

3/23/02 Paoli Presbyterian Church The Great Soprano Trumpet Duel with Darin Kelly and the Philadelphia Sinfonia

4/4/02 Princeton University: “Venetian Extravaganza”

4/12-13/02 Pittsburgh, PA: Pittsburgh Renaissance and Baroque Society Shakespeare’s Top 40’s

4/26/02 Chicago, IL Symphony Hall Creation  (Haydn)

4/27/02 Chestnut Hill, PA 4 pm Philomel Gala

4/27/02 8 p.m. Wilmington Delaware, Christ Church Christiana Hundred ."A Celebration of Cantatas" Brandywine Baroque

4/28/02 Philadelphia, PA: Brandywine Baroque,  Holy Trinity Church 6th & Lombard A Celebration of Cantatas, Music of  Jacquet de la Guerre and Clerambault

5/17-18/02 Washington, DC: Kennedy  Center Terrace Theater with Washington Chamber Orchestra Purcell "Ode to St.Cecilia" and Haydn "Mass in B flat Major"

6/18/02 Cape May, NJ: Chalfont Hotel Philomel

7/10/02 Cleveland, Ohio, Cleveland Museum of Art. Gartner Auditorium.  “Splendid Varietie” Three Centuries of Lute Music

6/18/02 Cape May Music Festival, Cape May NJ:  Chalfont Hotel\Philomel 8pm

7/10/02 Cleveland Museum of Art: 8:00 p.m. Gartner Auditorium "Splendid Varietie: Three Centuries of Lute Music (reviewed and previewed)

8/8/02 Storrs, Ct./ U. of Connecticut: Baroque Academy Italian Music, 8pm

8/11/02 Soclair Summer Music Festival : "Crazy for Love": Songs by Purcell (reviewed)

9/17/02 Setnor Auditorium: Syracuse University:“If Music be the Food of Love” (previewed)

10/16 Rutgers-Camden Mallery Rm:Schubert's Die Winterreise with Andrew Willis (reviewed)

10/20/02, 3 p.m. San Antonio, Tx. Ruth Taylor Hall/ Trinity University  Die Winterreise (reviewed and previewed)

10/29/02 8 p.m.  Rutgers Mallery Rm “The Jane Austen Songbooks

11/4/02 Marietta College Ohio “Jane Austen Songbook”

11/13/02 Rutgers-Camden:Gordon Theater: Crazy for Love and Music" Karen Flint (reviewed)

11/22/02  Doylestown, PA 8:00 PM Philomel Ensemble:Premiere of Handel Gloria
(reviewed and previewed)

11/23/02 8:00 PM Philadelphia Pa. Church of the Holy Trinity Rittenhouse Square 

11/24/02 Chestnut Hill, PA St. Paul's Episcopal Church 4:00 Pm.

12/1/02 University of Oregon Eugene:Beall Hall

12/5/02 Kahilu Theater: Big Island Hawaii “A Baroque Christmas” (previewed)

12/6/02 University of Hawaii/ Manoa -Honolulu “A Baroque Christmas” (previewed)

12/10/02 Buffalo NY Buffalo Chamber Music Society Kleinhans Music Hall

12/15/02 New York City: Avery Fisher Hall, Lincoln Center


February 10, 11 Phila, Pa Orchestra 2001 Swarthmore and Phila –Mahler 4

March 4/ Miami, Florida, Bach B minor Mass Miami, Tropical Bach Fest 

March 23-25 Kennedy Center, Washington D.C.  Messiah

March 26, Chattanooga, Tennessee  The Jane Austen Notebook

April 8, Philadelphia, Bach’s  B-Minor Mass Vox Radu

April 13th Philadelphia, St Patrick’s/  Bach’s B minor mass

April 21, 2001 Reading  Choral Society St. John Passion/Bach

May 26, 2001 Clinton N.J. Raritan River Music Festival 7:30 p.m. Clinton

May 27, 2001 Shelter Island, NY Presbyterian Church 8.p.m.

July 12, 2001 8:00   “Joy of Bach”   Rutgers Summerfest  New Brunswick-
Kirkpatrick Chapel, Old Queen’s Campus/ Bach Cantatas 202/51

9/6/01 Jackson, MS: Millsaps College The Jane Austen Songbooks

9/7/01 Memphis, TN: St. Mary's Episcopal University The Jane Austen Songbooks

9/9/01 2001 Shreveport, LA: Centenary College of Lousiana The Jane Austen Songbooks

10/4/01 Cleveland, OH: Case Western Reserve, 7:30pm The Jane Austen Songbooks

10/5/01 Cleveland, OH: Case Western Reserve, 7:30pm The Jane Austen Songbooks

10/19/01 Cape May, NJ: East Central ASECS (American Society of 18th Century Studies) Crazy for Love and Music: also gin, money, food, politics and laundry featuring
Mad Songs by Henry Purcell with diary accounts from Bedlam

10/28/01 Princeton Pro Musica Bach B-minor Mass

11/14/01 Rutgers-Camden  Madrigal Festival 2001 Walter Gordon Theater: The Great Soprano-Trumpet Duel:  Darin Kelly, trumpet

12/02/01Windsor, CA:Windsor Performing Arts Theater Music by Rodrigo, Ginastera and  Monteverdi

12/8/01 Queens College, Brooklyn 8 PM Messiah, Pergolesi, Magnificat

12/20/01 Reading/Wernersville, PA "A Baroque Christmas"


1/14-16 San Francisco, CA: Bach Cantata 51, American Bach Soloists

2/6   SUNY Stony Brook,  “Anna Magdalena Notebook” Staller Ctr for the Arts

2/12-13 Columbus, Ohio  Columbus Chamber Orchestra: Bach Cantata 51

2/29  New York, NY Baird Recital with Concert Royal

3/5  Miami, Fla. Tropical Baroque: J.S. Bach, St. Mark Passion

3/10 Doylestown, PA. The Dryden Ensemble: Music of Purcell and Handel

3/11 Princeton, NJ The Dryden Ensemble: Music of Purcell and Handel

3/12  Roanoke, VA Hollins College: Music of Joaquin Rodrigo (Newman)

3/25  Latrobe PA. St. Vincent’s College: Recital of Handel and Mozart

3/26  Westchester, NY Westchester Oratorio Soc. Benefit Mozart

4/11   Martin Tennessee: U Tennessee Jane Austen Songbook

5/14   Philadelphia PA Chamber Music Soc: Curtis Institute Recital

5/19    Boulder Colorado, Midwest Hist. K.B. Society “Jane Austen”

5/29-31  Tanglewood MA Mozart Requiem: Handel: Dixit Dominus

6/2-9   London, Eng.  Bach Luftansa Festival  (Bach cantata soloist)

7/8      Philadelphia, PA  Elizabethan and Jacobean Love Songs

7/17-29  Leipzig Germany, Thomaskirche J.S. Bach 250 Anniversary

              Performance of Bach Magnificat

6/10     Storrs, CT. Amherst Baroque Soloists: Music of Arne and J.C. Bach

9/7-9    Wroclav, Poland: Wratislavia Cantans: Bach Magnificat

9/20/  New York, NY Merkin Hall Passionate Pavanes and Galliards

10/4    Portland, OR.  Portland Baroque Orchestra: Bach Cantatas 202, 209 82a

10/8  West Chester PA  Solo Recital

10/15 Colgate, NY “Music Fit for a Queen”

11/24-26 Philomel/Main Line/ Rittenhouse Sq/ and Doylestown

12/ 2-4    Philadelphia Orchestra/  Philadelphia Academy of Music

12/6 Cleveland OH  Cleveland Museum:  A Baroque Christmas  Aulos

12/9—San Francisco, California A Baroque Christmas  Aulos

12/10 Los Alamos New Mexico: A Baroque Christmas  Aulos

12/18- 21  St. Thomas Church, New York, Messiah

2/4/ 99  Sweet Sounds of the Baroque” Haverford College,  PA
2/13/99 Bach: Coffee Cantata Reading Symphony: Sidney Rothstein, conductor
2/20/99  Philadelphia  Classical Symphony: Bach Cantata 211
3/3/99  “Jane Austen Songbook”Women’s Hist. Mo. RUCCAS
3/17/99  NYC  Premiere:  Scarlatti’s Orfeo/Clarion/Danny Kaye Playhouse
3/31/99  Rutgers-Camden  Emily Dickinson through Song 
3/23/ 99  NYC Israel in Egypt with the St Tho. Boy Choir and Concert Royal
3/26/99  NYC Handel:  Donna che in Ciel, Amor Artis Baroque Ensemble
4/2/99 Soprano Soloist, Bach’s Mass in B minor  Philadelphia, PA
4/9-11 Handel’s Apollo and Dafne The Portland Baroque Orchestra:  NPR
4/28/99 “Haddonfield Sings”Works by Handel and Mozart
5/22  Philadelphia, PA   American  Premiere of Telemann’s Day of Judgement
6/6/99  Soloist and Co-ordinator, Kosovo Relief Benefit Concert with members of the Philadelphia Orchestra and MINAS, Brazilian Jazz Duo, Haddonfield, NJ
6/10/99  Haddonfield School of Performing Arts Recital ***
7/20/99  Jane Austen’s Songbook, Rutgers Summerfest, New Brunswick
7/21/99 Rutgers, Jane Austen’s Songbook, Newark Art Museum
8/12/99  BostonHandel Arias Standage/ter Linden/Preston, flute
10/ 4/99  Emory University, Atlanta Georgia Fine Arts Series
10/5/ 99  Erskine, S.C. “Jane Austen Songbook”
10/10/99  Princeton University, Richardson Theatre - with Sandra Miller, flute and the NY’s Concert Royal,  Music of Bach Vivaldi and Handel
10/14/99  Philadelphia Benefit Concert/Orchestra 2001/Rodrigo/Peter Segal
10/29 /99 Williams College, Recital of Baroque Music, Vivaldi
11/17/99  RU: Madrigal Festival: “In Shakespeare’s Time: Music, Dance and Poetry”
12/5/99  Pasadena, California, Coleman Concert Series
12/14 - 16 New York City, St. Thomas Boy’s Choir/ Messiah
12/19/99  Joyful Noise Benefit Concert: Westmont, NJ


1/5/98  New York Metropolitan Museum of Art A Baroque Christmas
2/1/98  Philadelphia, Orchestra 2001, Benefit, Wilma Theatre, Berio Folk Songs
2/14/98  Mitchell College, Statesville,N.C,  Evening with Jane Austen
2/16/98  Wingate University Charlotte, N.C.  Evening with Jane Austen
3/5/98  El Camino College, Torrance California, "Ragtime"
3/21/98  Case Western Reserve, Cleveland Ohio, "English Lute Song"
3/23/98 New York City, Danny Kaye Playhouse, Hunter, Monteverdi 
3/28/98  Princeton, NJ  Princeton Pro Musica, Matthew Passion
4/10/98  Philadelphia, PA  B Minor Mass, Radu
4/15/98  Handel Apollo and Dafne, Portland, Oregon, Portland Orchestra 
4/25/98  Wake Forest University Winston Salem, NC Aulos "If Music"
5/2/98  Philadelphia, PA   Philadelphia  Guitar Society:  Spanish Music
5/17/98 San Francisco, CA  American Bach Society: Benefit  Concert Cantata 202
6/7/98  Soclair, NJ  Soclair Summer Music Festival: "Evening with Jane Austen" 
9/10 - 12  Washington, DC  Kennedy Center: Handel Cantata 
10/23/98  Haverford College, Baroque Vocal Music
11/ 4/98 Philadelphia Landmarks Society - Lecture/Recital:   Handel And His Divas 
11/18/98  Allentown, PA  Misericordia College: Music from the Jane Austen Songbooks
11/19 - 20 Wesleyan University, Recital with Malcolm Bilson:  Schubert Lieder
11/29/98  Seattle, WA:  "Handeling the Diva" with Jillon Dupree
12/4/98  Anchorage, Alaska  Christmas Concert with Aulos Ensemble: A Baroque Christmas
12/5/98  La Jolla, CA  Christmas Concert with Aulos Ensemble:  A Baroque Christmas 
12/11/98  Houston, TX  Christmas Concert with the Aulos Ensemble: Glad Tidings of Joy 
12/12/98 A Baroque Christmas  with the Aulos Ensemble
12/13/98  Caramoor, NY   The Chamber Music Series of New York State

1/23/97  Orquesta Nacional de Mexico, Mexico City/ Haydn/Rachmaninoff
2/6/97  Austin College Sherman, TX  "The Joys of English Song"
2/8/97  Dallas Bach Society  Dallas, TX  "The Joys of English Song"
2/9/97  Tyler, TX "The Joys of English Song"
2/14/97  Stanford University  "Victorian Parlour Songs" with William Bolcolm
2/15/97  UCSC Santa Cruz  Elizabethan Love Songs
2/24/97  Hunter College, NYC  Danny Kaye Playhouse:  Vivaldi Motet 
3/4/97  Bridgewater College,  VA   Spanish Songs
3/12/97  Union University,  Tennessee  "Homage to Purcell" 
3/13/97  Union University,  Tennessee  "Mozart and Haydn Lieder" 
3/15/97  Bach Society of St. Louis  Handel/ Bach St Mark Passion
4/21/97  Washington, DC  Bach Consortium:  Bach B minor Mass 
8/19/97 McClean, VA   English Lute Song
9/20/97  St. Scholastica Duluth, Minn:  Mozart Arias with Orchestra
10/26/97  Dallas, Tx Meyerson Hall,  Dido and Aeneas
10/29- 30  New York City. Alliance Francaise. Dido and Aeneas
11/2/97  Princeton, NJ  Richardson Auditorium Dido and Aeneas
11/8/97  Kenyon College, Gambier Ohio, English Lute Song
11/15/97 University of Miami, Miami Bach Society (French 18thc. Music)
12/2/97  Millsaps College, Jackson Miss.  Musica Dolce
12/4/97  University of Mississippi, Oxford.  Aulos Christmas Concert
12/7/97 Louisville, KY  Louisville Bach Society,  Messiah
12/16-18 New York City,  St Thomas Choir, Messiah

1/6/96  Daytona Beach, FL  Aulos Ensemble, "If Music be the Food of Love"
1/17-30  Performances with Philharmonia Virtuosi/ HMS Queen Elizabeth II
2/3/96 Glendale Symphony Orchestra, Glendale California, Vivaldi/ Bach
2/9-11/96 Orchestra 2001. Gorecki Symphony of Sorrowful Songs
2/23/96  Williamburg, VA  Recital English Lute song
2/24/96  Washington,  DC Kennedy Center Handel Gala
3/6/96  Rutgers-Camden  Rossini/Mozart Recital
3/9/96 Philadelphia, PA  Monteverdi Vespers
3/10/96  West Chester, PA   Recital
3/20/96 New York City/ Clarion Consort, Bach Cantata 199
3/24/96 Paramus, NJ  Benefit for Pro Arte Chorale: Spanish Music
3/26/96  New York City, St Thomas Church Bach B minor mass
3/27 - 31 St Paul Minnesota, St Paul Chamber Orchestra, Handel Apollo
4/5/96  Philadelphia, PA   B minor Mass Radu
4/10 - 14 Portland, OR  PBO Monica Hugget, dir, Bach Cantatas 202/ 211
5/5/96  Lansdowne, PA   Schubert: Die Wintereise, Andrew Willis, fortepiano
5/10/96  Philadelphia Classical Symphony: Dueling Divas of the 18th Century
5/23/96  Alice Tully Hall, NYC Acis and Galatea,  Harold Rosenbaum
7/10/96  Rutgers New Brunswick, Summerfest Crofut Brubeck Baird
9/29/96  Orchestra 2001 Berio Folk Songs
10/4/96  Spanish Songs Strathmore Hall Foundation, Md. Spanish Music
11/3/96  NYC Benefit  Canticum Novum:  The Jane Austen Songbook
11/13/96  Oregon State University,  Corvallis  "Homage to Purcell" 
11/15/96  Willamette University, Oregon  "Homage to Purcell" 
11/16/96  Victoria, BC: Early Music of the Islands "Homage to Purcell" 
11/17/96  Vancouver,  BC: North Shore Concerts "Homage to Purcell" 
11/29-1  Philadelphia, PA   Philomel
12/1/96  Rutgers University-Camden   Christmas Favorites
12/15/96  Tully,  Lincoln Center   Baroque Christmas with orchestra 
12/17-19  St Thomas Boy Choir  Messiah 
12/20-21  Princeton Pro Musica  Messiah 
12/20/96  A Baroque Christmas Metropolitan Museum
12/23/96  Dallas Bach Society  Messiah

May 1990  Artistic representative of the United States for the opening of the "Creation Wing" at National Cathedral before His Highness Prince Phillip
9/13/94  Academy of Vocal Arts  Benefit Philadelphia Classical Symphony (Spanish Music)
9/18/95  Benefit Concert for "The Classical Symphony of Devon Pa.  Schubert Lieder with Andrew Willis
3/24/96 Paramus, NJ  Benefit for Pro Arte Chorale: Spanish Music
April 1996 Cleveland Inner City Magnet School for the Arts:  Masterclass to urban H.S. students and Lecture Demonstration
4/ 21/ 96 Caring Hearts Benefit Concert for Children with AIDS 
11/3/96 NYC Benefit: Canticum Novum  The Jane Austen Songbook
4/24/97  Elizabeth Haddon School 3rd grad and 1st grade for Women's Career Day
2/24/97  Benefit for the Venetian Theater "La Fenice" destroyed by fire. 
New York City/ Italian Consulate and Danny Kaye Playhouse Hunter College
5/17/98 San Francisco, CA  American Bach Society: Benefit  Concert Cantata 202
Fall 1998 Recording Project with Meryl Streep. Bill Crofut Federica von Stade and others  (Benefit CD Proceeds go to help  Children with AIDS)
6/6/99  Soloist and Co-ordinator, Kosovo Relief Benefit Concert with members of the Philadelphia Orchestra and MINAS, Brazilian Jazz Duo, Haddonfield, NJ
12/19/99 Joyful Noise Benefit Concert: Westmont, NJ


(Actual Taping times differ from times during which programs were aired.

6/00 BBC 3 Radio England Bach /Cantata 209/ Lufthansa Festival
5/91  BBC 3 Radio England Bach /St. John Passion
5/28/91  BBC 3 London England: Bach's St. John Passion Bach Ensemble J. Rifkin conducting
12/89  Italian Monody:  Nigel North, lute and Colin Tilney, harpsichord
9/88 Interview concerning Authenticity: Nick Kenyon
5/87 Lully : Amadis (opera) McGegan conducting
5/87 Hasse: Cantatas for Flute Soprano and Harp
5/87 Hasse: Cantatas for solo soprano
12/85 Domenico Scarlatti Cantatas with Colin Tilney


7/23/00 German Radio Deutsche Rundfunk Live Broadcast Leipzig Bach Magnificat
5/91 WDR German Radio of Cologne, Solo Recital Broadcast "English Lute Song and Italian Monody"  --with Konrad Jünghaenel


11/94 Hasse Cantatas with Les Cucus Benevoles
11/94 Monteverdi Vespers with Vancouver Cantata Singers
3/91 CBC  Radio Recitals with Colin Tilney: Mozart Lieder
11/90 CJRT Toronto Interview
7/88 CBC Radio Recital with Colin Tilney  Hasse Cantatas
2/88 CBC Radio Recitals with Vancouver Chamber Orchestra Handel Cantatas

3/99 Fresh Air with Terry Gross:  Baird Interview 
(Nationally and Internationally Broadcast)
3/99 NPR's Performance Today:  with the Portland Baroque Orchestra 
Deas Handel: La Terra e liberata
5/99   St Paul Chamber Orchestra:  Broadcast of Handel, Apollo and Dafne
10/97 NPR's Performance Today:  Interview for Nat'l broadcast of Jane's Hand 
9/8/95 Interview with Ralph Collier WWFM and WWNJ
5/94 NPR's Performance Today:  Mother's Day  "Lullabies" (national broadcast)
10/93  NPR's Performance Today, Interview / Songs of Mozart (national broadcast)
5/90 NPR's Artscape with Mindy Whiting Interview concerning Rutgers Athenaeum
10/90 KPFA San Francisco Interview
 10/91 NPR Harrisburg
6/26/91 WHYY Interview to promote the Rutgers Athenaeum
6/30/91 WFLN Interview to promote the Rutgers Athenaeum

Spring 1998 New Jersey Network (NJN):   State of the Arts with Julianne Baird
Shakespeare Plays with the Waverly Consort
June 1983 CBS T.V. Movie  "I, Leonardo"


Ovation Magazine

Ovation Award Nominee/ Best Solo Vocal 1989
The English Lute Song           Dorian: DOR 90109

Alte Musik Aktuell (Regensburg, Germany)

CD of the Month

  1. Solo Cantatas: Cantata  BWV 51, 54, 55, 82   Jauchzet Gott American Bach Soloists  Koch    3-7138-2H1
  2. Dowland  Greensleeves: A Collection of English Lute Songs
    Baird McFarlane   Dorian DOR 90126
  3. Montéclair   French Cantatas of the 18th century American Baroque 
    Koch  LC 6644

Gramophone  (London, England)

 CD of the Month

  1. Joshua (Premiere recording)  Palmer  Newport Classics NPD85515- (1/21/92)
  2. DeFalla  Master Peter's Puppet Show /  Orbon Psyche 
    Conductor: Eduardo Mata  (Premiere recording, Orbon) 
    Dorian Records DOR 90214

Gramophone  (London, England)
CD of the Year
 B-minor Mass Bach Ensemble/Rifkin Nonesuch Records 9 79036-2

Diapason (Paris, France)
CD of the Month
Solo Cantatas: Cantata  BWV 51, 54, 55, 82   Jauchzet Gott American Bach Soloists  Koch, 3-7138-2H1   (8-9/92)

CD Review (Taiwan) 1990
CD of the Month
Handel   Songs of Love and War.  Works by Caccini, Frescobaldi,  Handel , Monteverdi etc.   Baird/Tilney Dorian: DOR 90104

Pulse (USA)
Best Recordings of 1990
 Songs of Love and War.  Works by Caccini, Frescobaldi, Handel , Monteverdi etc.   Baird/Tilney,  Dorian: DOR 90104

The New York Times
The Year's Best CD's
 Imeneo (premiere recording)   Palmer/Brewer Vox cum Laude: 2-MCD10063 (11/87)

The Philadelphia Inquirer
Ten best CDs of 1989
The English Lute Song  Dorian: DOR 90109

Turok's Choice
1.  The Italian Lute Song   Baird:McFarlane  Dorian: DOR 90236 (12/96)
2.  Joshua (Premiere recording)  Palmer  Newport Classics NPD85515-1/2  (Summer 1991)

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