50:701:347 (04533)  MADRIGAL ENSEMBLE  (3 Credits)

Dr. Julianne Baird

Fine Arts Building Room 211
Email jbaird@camden.rutgers.edu
Telephone: 856-225-6210
Office hours M-W (9:00 a.m.-10:00 am. and 12:00-1:00 p.m.)

The Madrigal Ensemble is a performance course which concentrates on choral music from the Medieval Era through the early 17th century.  Admission is by audition.  Both trained and semi-trained singers are welcome to apply.  The course meets for 3 hours weekly.

Madrigal Ensemble develops the following skills: tuning, sight-reading, and singing in various foreign languages (French, German, Italian, medieval English, Spanish). Students in the ensemble who are approved for solo or smaller ensemble pieces  will receive external private coaching from Dr. Baird in the music.  There is no formal examination.  Grades are determined by the successful mastery of assigned music for the concerts (usually two). Attendance and punctuality for all class sessions are also
grading factors.

To register for this ensemble, please contact Dr. Baird at 856-225-6210 or through e-mail: jbaird@camden.rutgers.edu

Texts which will be used in the class:

Ledger, Philip Ledger (Ed).The Oxford Book of English Madrigals.  Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0193436647

Dobbins, Frank,  The Oxford Book of French Chansons.  Oxford University Press

ISBN: 019343539X

Greenberg, Noah.  An English Medieval and Renaissance Song Book : Part Songs and Sacred Music for One to Six Voices.   New York: Dover Books

ISBN: 0486413748