50:701:348 (14606) PERFORMANCE PRACTICUM (1Credit)

Fall 2000 Julianne Baird
Monday 11:15-12:10

The Performance Practicum is a one-credit vocal seminar allowing the student to learn the fundamentals of vocal pedagogy. Among the subjects taught are breathing techniques, mastery of the international phonetic alphabet, vowel modification, exercises for the trill and for the agility, exercises for the portamento and for the messa di voce, and placement of the voice.

The second component of the class develops in the student the skills necessary for successful performance before the public. Among the fundamentals taught are: techniques of memorization, practice habits, stage presence, audition techniques, and performance resume writing. In the latter part of the semester the students are readied for public performance by weekly masterclasses with piano accompaniment. Students meet once a week in a group setting with monthly individual sessions provided by the professor.


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Last updated 9/30/2000