Review Highlights

Julianne Baird: The English Lute Song

"It is rare... when performers are so in accord with each other and with the music that everything falls together.  This is a remarkable and wholly beautiful example...  Julianne Baird... gives the recital of her life." 
Stereophile (November 1889)
"Julianne Baird... not only sings exquisitely, with crystal clear diction, beautiful tone and amazing technique-- but proves she's a good actress as well. Highly recommended." 
High Performance Review  (June 1989)
"... a rare and wondrous voice guided by an extraordinary musical intelligence.  The program she presents demands a staggering range of expression and vocal technique and she carries it off flawlessly, effortlessly, and along the way produces sounds of unearthly beauty."
Fanfare (May/June 1989)
"... the accuracy and clarity of Baird's soprano vocals here leave me breathless.  In addition to being America's outstanding Early Music soprano, she also enjoys and enviable reputation as one of the world's leading authorities on the history and performance of Baroque music."
The Blue Note (1989)
"Baird has an exquisite voice, which she uses with the intelligence of a scholar... may well be the best voice of any living musicologist."
The Washington Post (March 1989)