Review Highlights

Julianne Baird: English Mad Songs and Ayres

"All three (songs) are intelligently sung by Julianne Baird....  Pleasing too is the way she responds to the drama in the music without sacrificing anything in lyrical sweetness.  Here Baird's attractive voice and artful use of it are a constant pleasure, while Arne's four little songs are invested with all the touching, simple charm...  In short, any admirer of Purcell who doesn't take the trouble to hear this disc is probably fit to end up [crazy] like poor old Bess." 
Gramophone (U.K. May 1992)
"... there is the usual delight to be found in Baird's ornamentation...  Her rendition of Blow's Lysander I pursue is superb, and makes the disc worth owning." 
Stereophile (January 1993)
"Julianne Baird has a light clear soprano sound... The ornaments are tasteful and the performances display an understated elegance which makes for intriguing listening."
High Performance Review (Summer 1992)
"How can one listen to The Fatal Hour in its piercing dissonant beauty without being overcome by its sweet melancholy? And in Bess of Bedlam, Baird demonstrates her ability to vocally imitate the shaky sounds of one who is totally unhinged. MADNESS NEVER SOUNDED MORE BEAUTIFUL."
Der Standard (Vienna, Austria - February 27, 1992)
"This recording demonstrates the wonderful professionality of this soprano, who adapts her voice appropriately to the sadness of the opening piece, Oh Solitude! by Henry Purcell.  The CD, in effect, presents a vast panorama of the works of this composer."
Bresciaoggi (Brescia, Italy - March, 1992)