Review Highlights

Julianne Baird:  Handel Arias

"In the relatively small world of early music Julianne Baird has superstar status. Baird... projects her songs with clarity, lightness, agility and the subtle control of vibrato ideally suited to music of the 18th and earlier centuries. But even more impressive than style and tone is the emotion she is able to generate in music where other singers settle for pretty sounds.  I know of no singer who can surpass her in this music, now that Joan Sutherland has retired.  I like her Handel better than her Bach, but both of these discs are essential to anyone who treasures fine baroque singing.  It is futile to cite highlights when there are so many...." 
The Washington Post  (February 1995)
"Soprano Julianne Baird's first Handel anthology is something to celebrate.  Some of the arias here are culled from previous recordings, but lots are new...  They make up an intelligently planned sequence that shows many aspects of Handel's manner." 
Stereo Review (September 1994)
"Soprano Julianne Baird has become internationally known for singing early period music and has been crowned the Number One Baroque Soprano... Baird's singing is lyrical, her tone is sweet and tender, the high and chest registers consistent.  Miss Baird attained great fame and popularity in early music performances."
Classical Music Magazine (Taiwan, May 1994)