Review Highlights

Julianne Baird in Handel: The Italian Years
(includes works by Telemann and Vivaldi)

"Quite rightly Baird holds a red rose on the cover of the CD celebrating Handel --otherwise one would have to shower her with flowers.  Baird overcomes every earthly vocal limitation; weightlessly light, but in spite of this expressive."
Der Standard  (Vienna, Austria)
"Julianne Baird is on particularly beguiling form throughout the programme... conveying the youthful predicament which is the common factor in each of the cantatas.  I... found her interpretations alluring.  Phrasing is carefully and consistently worked out and her articulation characteristically well defined."
Gramophone  (U.K., April 1992)
"Few singers have been so successful at making such music live as Julianne Baird... She uses all of the historical devices... to personalize the music, making even the simplest vocal lines communicate." 
Stereo Review  (May 1992)
"Baird... is a delectable interpreter... she's bright and flexible, and expressive in recitative.  She has a flair for adding embellishments and a fine trill."
Fanfare  (March/April 1992)
"Baird has been amply represented on many records, and from her opening phrases... her mesmerizing sound captivates.  The combination of silvery sound and emotional articulation is glorious throughout." 
Philadelphia Daily News  (November 1991)