Review Highlights

Julianne Baird: The Italian Lute Song

“Julianne Baird, along with Emma Kirkby, is virtually unique in having
achieved super-stardom as an exclusively Early Music Soprano. . .
.”Happily, singers like Ms. Baird, who have gorgeous voices, have
convinced the public that putting in the required hockets and trills is
more than authentic enough . . .Baird’s astounding technique and beauty
of timbre cannot fail to win one over at once as demonstrated in the
very first track of this album, Monteverdi’s “Laudate Dominum.”

Copenhagen, Denmark


"Julianne Baird would sound utterly enchanting just singing Three Blind Mice, ... Baird's voice remains a miracle." 
The Audio Critic (1996)
"By turn, Julianne Baird charms and thrills... very florid ornamentation is beautiful and effortless." 
American Record Guide (November/December 1996)
"Baird is an agile, and expressive singer." 

Stereophile (September 1996)
"You have to hear the vocal prowess Julianne Baird brings to certain pieces and particularly the dramatic intensity... Bravo."
Ultra High Fidelity (1996)
"... what Baird does with these favorites is just extraordinary.  I cannot imagine any singer giving a better performance than Julianne Baird's... This is definitely one for the desert island."
Soundscape (October/November 1996)

    May 21, 2002