Review Highlights

Julianne Baird in Jane's Hand: The Jane Austen Songbooks

"The principal singer is Julianne Baird, who appears in all but nine of the selections.  At times her timbre is astonishingly reminiscent of Berberian's small infinitely inflected voice, and she evinces a similar desire to communicate... each of her performances goes directly to the heart.  Her performance of Che Faro, while obviously on a much smaller scale, is the only performance in my experience to rival that of Maria Callas in communicating Orpheus' overwhelming grief in the context of that famous D-Major tune." 
Fanfare (March/April 1997)
"Julianne Baird, singing on an appropriately domestic scale, gets most of the goodies. Her soprano is still radiant and her technique is fluent and flexible."
The Boston Globe (January 1997)
"There is a Jane Austen craze sweeping through the English-speaking world, so this is timely.  Julianne Baird and Mary Jane Newman have spent several years culliing and reseraching this project. Baird sings the lion's shre of the music and does so extremely well.  She sings with more vibrato than most contemporray baroques specialists but also with more charm and personality. I prefer her to Emma Kirkby any day." 

American Record Guide  (May/June 1997)