Review Highlights

Julianne Baird: Lullabies and Dances

"Ms. Baird, a very versatile performer, also figures on two delightful discs for young listeners: joined by the Bill Crofut Consort, she participates in lovely arrangements of Lullabies and Dances." 
Turok's Choice (Summer 1991)  
"Julianne Baird is a specialist in early music, and her cool, soft voice has no difficulty crossing over into folksong..."
American Record Guide  (September/October 1990)

"But all categories aside, this is some of the most heavenly music any child is likely to hear, and the way I figure it, letting your kids fall to sleep or wake up to such sounds can only be a glorious thing to do for their souls.
[Bill Crofut] teamed up vocally with world-renowned singer Julianne Baird... Baird's voice here has the delicate clarity, gentle and vibratoless, and when she and Crofut harmonize the quality is haunting...

Parenting  (November 1991)