Review Highlights

Julianne Baird in Musica Dolce

"Imagine, in your favorite listening room, the presence of the most heavenly soprano voice ... a transcendental delivery..." 
H & B Recordings Direct (November 1992)
"The music requires exceptional technique on the part of the singer... her lovely voice is well suited to the music of this era.  Her clarity, control, intonation, and expressiveness are truly remarkable...  I want to cheer...  I cannot praise this recording highly enough... wonderful music; a great soloist..."
Classical Express (1993)
"... soprano Julianne Baird displays her mastery on all points... Whether she is using her skillful coloraturea to illustrate various words of the text.... or simply allowing the lyric beauty of her tone to soar above the accompaniment, Ms. Baird is in complete control. Her inventive yet unindulgent vocal effects... would undoubtedly have pleased the comoser immensely... This is a recording of breathtaking beauty and skill..."
Disc Digest  (Summer 1993)
"... the American soprano takes this repertory away from the dreary specialists and places it squrely in the field of exciting music.... And that .... in what makes music worth discovering."
Pulse - Classical Supplement (December 1992)
"I have been privileged to listen to ....  the most glorious singing, unmatched.... for technical ability, virtuosity and style, by any other singer today... Julianne Baird.
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