Review Highlights

Julianne Baird as Vespetta in Telemann's Pimpinone

"Somehow the battle of the sexes doesn't seem terribly funny these days, but the eighteenth century found it a source of humor, even when it veered it not the violence of Telemann's Pimpinone.  (the heroine threatens to tar her husband's heart out and split his head in two.)  Telemann set the conniving and the conflict to delightful music, .... with superbly accurate singing and pointed characterizations from Julianne Baird and John Ostendorf is scintillating." 
Opera News (May 1993)
"This new recording is very stylish and fluently sung.  Julianne Baird is well cast in the role of Vespetta ("Little Wasp"), youthful sounding, coquettish and appropriately waspish as well.... her lively characterization and pleasing vocal timbre are a constant delight." 
Gramphone (U.K. January 1992)