Review Highlights

Julianne Baird in Songs of Love and War

"Julianne Baird has studied this repertoire from both a performer's and a musicologist's view, and her singing is informed by both perspectives. Again, Baird's emotional range is enormous, and her understanding of the Baroque idiom is a joy to hear." 
Stereophile (February 1991)
"Baird is a stirring singer...  Both... have been recorded before, but rarely with the combination of authenticity, and passion that Baird brings to them... THis is a winner--- highly recommended."
Classical  (December 1991)
"Baird is one of less than a handful of sopranos active today who sings early music with such commanding authority and beauty of sound and phrasing" 

Billboard  (August 1990)
"These pieces... demand a level of skill and artistry that Julianne Baird displays in abundance.  Her voice is beautiful and complex and seemingly effortless. In all, Ms. Baird excels."
Harmonia (May 1993)
"THis is singing of extraordinary beauty and expressive variety....  I have heard an intelligence that misses not a thing.  Yet nothing seems calculated. Beautiful voice, beautiful emotional experience."
American Record Guide (January/February 1991)