Review Highlights

Julianne Baird: Schubert's Winterreise

"Soprano Julianne Baird and pianist Andrew Willis... deliver the goods with taste and care providing especially glowing accounts...  Baird offers a keenly intelligent reading, most imaginative in "Irrlicht" and "Einsamkeit." 
Opera News (January 1998)
"Schubert's song cycle used to be exclusively male property until soprano Lotte Lehman essayed it.  Baird, a baroque specialist... makes the successful transition... Even in embryonic [original] form, the work exerts a measure of fascination, and Baird and Willils make a splendid team." 
San Francisco Examiner  (November 1997)
"At her best, Baird explores the lower reaches of her voice in "Auf dem Flusse," giving it a deeply emotional subtext suggesting this is the song where the protagonist realizes, to his horror, that all is really lost.  Her characteristic lack of vibrato gives Schubert a strange directness..."
Classical Pulse (February 1998)