The Department of Fine Arts

Video Selections
  Angels ever bright and fair (1:49 min)
  Lascia ch'io pianga (4:27 min)
  Hark tis the Linnet and the Trush (3:17 min)
  V'adoro Pupille (2:13 min)

"Too Hot to Handel "
favorite arias of G.F. Handel

Julianne Baird

The Philomel Baroque Ensemble

with the debut of the

Chamber Players

Jessica Peyton,
James Keene and Grace Keene
(Rutgers Camden Class of 2007)

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SUPPORT for the
2003 Madrigal Festival
has been provided by the

Rutgers-Camden Alumni Association
The Rutgers-Camden Department of Fine Arts
The Rutgers-Camden Center for the Arts

We also are grateful to Drs. Jon'a Meyer and Robert Wood from the Department of Sociology,
Anthropology and Criminal Justice for video taping, editing, and streaming the videos.

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