Julianne Baird's Recital
Too Hot to Handel
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The Madrigal Festival is an annual event at Rutgers-Camden, which brings selected groups of students from area high schools together to perform Madrigal music and dance. Madrigals, complex polyphonic vocal pieces of the 16th and 17th centuries, have become quite popular in the our region, explains Dr. Julianne Baird, who organized the first regional Madrigal Festival in Fall 1999 to place the resources of Rutgers University at the disposal of area high school Madrigal Groups.The young singers, chosen from among larger choruses at their schools, bring particular dedication to the music, which usually is more challenging to learn and sing than conventional choir pieces. One of the highlights of each year's Madrigal Festival is a performance by Julianne Baird.

This year's recital, "Too Hot to Handel," features Julianne Baird and Philomel Baroque Ensemble Artistic Directors Elissa Berardi Bruce Bekker. This noon time concert also features the debut of "Arco Argento Chamber Players" with Jessica Peyton, James Keene and Grace Keene, Rutgers Camden Class of 2007 and the Rutgers Madrigal Singers (Celia Rae, coordinator) and special Madrigal Alumna Erica Minuti. The High School Madrigal Performances start immediately after the noon-time concert at around 12:40pm.

High School Madrigal Performances

West Windsor-Plainsboro High School North
Plainsboro, New Jersey

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Mary Jacobsen
Director, West Windsor- Plainsboro North Madrigals

2003 Program

Rorando Coelli - (Jan) Campanus Vodnansky
Greensleeves (traditional) -
Arr. Kings Singers
Round about in a fair ring -
John Bennet
All Creatures Now -
John Bennet

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West Windsor-Plainsboro North High School Madrigal Singers:
Mark Fields,
Evan Wisser, Kevin Friis, Steven Farkas, David Haggerty, Tony Kosar, Wade Allen, Dan Martin, Anita Ramanathan, Liz Johnston, Eden Casalino, Asami Kondo, Doreen Ho, Samantha Nicolosi, Kirsten Orloff, Jessica Burger

Cherry Hill East High School
Cherry Hill, New Jersey

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Laurie Lausi

Cherry Hill Madrigals

2003 Program

Of all the birds that I do know (choreographed) - John Bartlet
What if I never speede - John Dowland
La, la, la je ne lose dire - Pierre Certon
Old Horatius had a Farm - Z. Randall Stroope
My Bonnie Lass She Smelleth - PDQ Bach
Now is the Month of Maying - Thomas Morley

Selections from the 2003 Program (4:27 min)-------Need RealOne Player?

Cherry Hill East High School Madrigal Singers:
Seth Alamar, Jeremy Bannet, Joe Bucci, Shirley Fan, Chelsey Hill, Miles Jackson, Rohini Khillan *, Dan Kober, Ben Kukainis, Beth Martino, Allison Neff, Dylan Paul, Amanda Ross, Amber Shernoff, Claire Wesley *, Debra Winter

*student directors

NOTE: The Cherry Hill East Madrigals received Her Majesty’s Highest Accolades in an Oct. 8, 2002 competition at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire. Laurie Lausi, vocal music director at East, directs the group. East drama students placed second in an acting competition at the Faire.


High School
Collingswood, New Jersey

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Cristin Charlton
Collingswood Madrigals

2003 Program

Weep Oh Mine Eyes - John Bennett
Masters in This Hall - arr. Shaw
Lute Book Lullaby
What if I Never Speede - Dowland
What child is this - arr. Rutter

Selections from the 2003 Program (4:31 min)-------Need RealOne Player?

Collingswood High School Madrigal Singers
Francis Rivera
Sarah Allen
Danielle Graf
Stef Bucholski
Kristin Graf
Jen Entiwistle
Lauren Post
Christine Osborn
Bridget Coyle
Lyn Peek
Sara Panccaio
Livia Cavallaro
Sara Williams
Tom Matousch
Mike Casey
Michael Grafals
Keith Allen
Jon Casey
James Introcaso
John Dunn
Steve Kocher
Tim Urian
Matt Young

Haddonfield Memorial High School

Haddonfield, New Jersey

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Paula Meyer
Haddonfield Madrigals

2003 Program

What if I Never Speed - John Dowland
Fair Phyllis I Saw Sitting All Alone - John Farmer
April Is In My Mistress' Face - Thomas Morley
E la don, don - Anonymous? (dance)

Selections from the 2003 Program (4:26 min) -------Need RealOne Player?

Haddonfield Memorial High School Madrigal Singers:

Jean Bentley, Abby Booker, Corinne Brandt, Jenna Cohn, Maura Connell, Elyse Coyle, Anne Leone, Margaret MacGibeny, Jessica Peyton, Carolyn Scott, Stephanie Scott, David Beiler, David Caulk, Sean Close, Ben Coleman, Joseph Goldberg, Tom Hagner, Paul King, Cale Krise, Alex Podgor, Philip Saynisch, Patrick Stedman, Brendan Stuart


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SUPPORT for the
2003 Madrigal Festival
has been provided by the

Rutgers-Camden Alumni Association
The Rutgers-Camden Department of Fine Arts
The Rutgers-Camden Center for the Arts

We also are grateful to Drs. Jon'a Meyer and Robert Wood from the Department of Sociology,
Anthropology and Criminal Justice for video taping, editing, and streaming the videos.


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