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In order to bridge the gap between the footlights and the audience, Dr. Baird has developed a series of recital programs which involve dialogue and action. For example, Dr. Baird researched the subject of "The Treatment of Insanity in the Seventeenth-century and the Resultant Musical Inspirations," to develop a concert demonstration on Bedlam and Henry Purcell's "Mad Songs."   She premiered this program on the Rutgers-Camden campus with Dr. Wilbert Jerome, and at Rutgers University in New Brunswick with the Dean of the Mason Gross School of the Arts, Marilyn Somville. Since then, the program has been presented over a dozen times in tours throughout North America.

Dr. Baird's latest research project is the Jane Austen Songbook. This research has led her to develop a concert demonstration which weaves pertinent literary passages around a series of arias and late Eighteenth-century songs selected from Jane Austen's own musical collection. Again, Dr. Baird premiered at Rutgers-Camden, this time in collaboration with Dr. Cornelia, [then] Chair of the Graduate Liberal Studies Program. In addition to the performances themselves, Dr. Baird composed program notes for the purpose of enriching audience understanding.

The program Mr. Handel and His Singers explores the world of G.F. Handel's tumultuous relationship with his sopranos.

"Musica Dolce," sings Dafne "sweet music, thou art the true likeness of Heaven." The same thought, a commonplace of music appologetics, is a fascinating record of the singer Caccini's career. This singer introduced his new affective singing style in 1602 and it remains true for us, three and a half centuries later, the sound of a solo voice, artuflly managed and lightly accompanied does much to prepare us for the anticipated pleasures of a single angel with harp.

Crazy for Love & Music: also gin, money, food, politics & laundry
featuring Mad Songs by Henry Purcell with diary accounts from Bedlam



Program Notes

notesVideo segments from Crazy for Love & Music (5:31 min)
Julianne Baird, Karen Flint, Ed Mauger & Jessica Peyton

The Jane Austen Songbook

Mr. Handel and His Singers


Julianne Baird is Distinguished Professor of Music
at Rutgers University in Camden,
New Jersey. 

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Last updated July 13, 2007